adventure quest cheats for pc

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Some are the BEST teams ever and some are the best teams for lower level players or Guardians Have Fun!!

Darkness: Weapon: Dragon Slayer Axe Armor: Obsidian Armor Shield: Gyrite Sheild Pet: Ninjat Summoned Pet: Death Dog or Doom Wolf Full Team: You, skeleton that comes with obsidian cloak, Ninjat and Doom Wolf Total: 4 Light: Weapon: Zardwarts Sturdy Wand Armor: Paladin armor Shield: Paladin Sheild Pet: Dragonkitten Summoned Pet: Daimyo Full Team: You, Dragonkitten, Daimyo Total: 3 Fire: Weapon: Super Psycho Sabre Armor: Pyromancer Robes Shield: Pet: Ultra Fire Were or Imp Summoned Pet: Lava Rock Full Team: You, Ultra FireWere/Imp and Lava Rock Total: 3 Water: Weapon: Orc Masters Blade (1250 Z tokens) or Great Blade of Rennd Armor: Daulfin Rider Shield: Gyrate Sheild Pet: Blubber Squib (1500 Z tokens), a Tough Sea Squirt (Guardian Only) or an Octipirate available to all.

Summoned Pet: None Full Team: You, Daulfin that u ride and Pet from above Total: 3 Ice: Weapon: Ice Katana Armor: Ice Breaker or Phobos Plate if u can afford it Shield: Phobos Shield if u can afford it Pet: Ultra Ice Were Summoned Pet: none Full Team: You and Ultra Ice Were-Phobos Shield helps a lot too Total: 2 or 3 with shield lol .Earth: Weapon: Blade of Awe or Chopalot Armor: Canine Armor Shield: Gyrate Sheild Pet: Thunder Troll or Bulldog Squib Summoned Pet: none Full Team: You and Pet from above Total: 2 Wind: Weapon: Armor: Shield: Gyrate Sheild Pet: Summoned Pet: Full Team: Energy: Weapon: Bad Axe Armor: Thunder Mountain Armor (Armor from Thunder Mountain Quest Shield: Gyrate Sheild Pet: BIG trobble Summoned Pet: Summon Energy Dragon Spell Full Team: You, BIG trobble and Energy Dragon Total: 3 To get a fire mace, battle a "Drakle Captain" and click on his weapon.It will now be your auto-weapon (in place of your guardian blade or the blade you start out with when you log on) When you log off, the sword will go away, it hits usually around 30 if the monster you are battling has 100% fire.Note: You dont need to battle a drakel captian to get this weapon temporaraly you can just buy it in yuglars shop from sage uldor (only when you click on twilly hunt the seed spitter and do the rilithia quest) its name is volcano mace.A lot of GOLD and EXP.EASY!!!!!!!!For this cheat you must be level 32(I think) and be unafraid of a few vamps (girl vampires) or vampire warriors ( if you want the gold ) (with healing in between i think) and then fight some Undead Ribbers ( they give you 100 gold).First, go to the travel map.Then, go to "Epic Quest." Then skip Warlic's speech.You will then see a scroll.Click on "Into Fangmaw." You will then see Artix ( He's a Paladin dude and he'll help you and he's pretty good )Then you fight and get lots of Gold and Exp .Good Luck!A Team That Can Beat Fire Elementals!Ok you know those fire elementals that are really hard to beat?


adventure quest cheats for pc

Now you don't have to die and go to Death's Castle and try to escape!

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