bobby kent murder photos

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After watching the movie "Bully" for about the 10th time I decided to do a little digging into the true story of Marty Puccio and Lisa Connely and the rest of the "Misfit Mafia" who were involved with the killing of "Bobby Kent".Here is some of the information that I was able to find...To see the spot of the Murder on Google Earth you can use this code in the search box.GE81C.kmz Hello and Welcome .You have the reached the Marty Puccio message board .This board is for people who would like to learn more about Marty Puccio and perhaps help out .I expect everyone to have respect and be civilized to each other .I welcome private emails also and encourage anyone who has a negative outlook on Marty ,to please educate themselves before forming an opinion.If after reading the posts you have more questions, feel free to contact me .A defense fund has been set up for Marty so anyone wishing to contribute can email me for the address and information.Thank you .FREE LISA CONNELLY This movie and the book upon which it is based, are not based on court testimony or any personal account.It is a fiction loosely based on an event which occurred.The Producers have no legal right to call this a true story, or to use the actual names of the individuals involved.There is not a single footnote, reference of quotation mark in this book.Help Donald Semenec Description Hi.I created this group to help Donald Semenec.For thise of you who dont know him he was invloved in the Bobby Kent murder.I got tired of seeing webpages and groups for all of the other people invoved in the case and not him.In my opinion he is the one who needs the most help.AlisHusband · Alis Husband I am married to ali willis-chapman that was involved in a 1993 murder.A friend of hers Persuaded 6 others to kill a bully.I just want to know if anyone wants to see what its like to be married to her....THE REAL ALI!Note; I signed-up to join the group with an interest in seeing if Ali would have any interest in writing a post here on Wakado but have not heard anything so far.


bobby kent murder photos

I would be happy to post her statement as is and without any editing whatsoever.

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