court dockets oklahoma

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All Rights Reserved.Oklahoma has one of the largest initiatives in the nation for providing court docket information on the internet.

Unlike most states, Oklahoma is striving to complete a statewide case tracking system and make the information within that system available on a real time basis via the internet.

The cost of this service is borne by the judicial system, so there is no cost to the user for obtaining court information from Oklahoma.Currently, the 13 counties on OCIS account for approximately 50% of the cases filed in Oklahoma.This information, as well as information from every appellate court in Oklahoma, is available via this system.There is no time delay...the information is available as soon as it is entered by the court clerk.New records are being added to the website every few minutes!We constantly work to ensure that courts update regularly.View the full list of courts.© 2012 - KellPro, Inc.You are not a member of this wiki.Join now  Dismiss Join EsquireEmpire!Page Discussion Page History Notify Me For information on finding court dockets and court records, see the information on this page.Oklahoma County District Courts.Each of Oklahoma's seventy-seven (77) county district courts have their records available online though one of the two Web sites noted below: Oklahoma Municipal Court.Each municipal (City) court handles its own records and very few if an have their dockets and court minutes available online.Contact the court's clerk for information or records from a municipal court.How do you obtain a court record in Oklahoma?The simple answer is that you contact the court clerk.But, there are hundreds of courts and therefore hundreds of court clerks in Oklahoma.You have to determine which court clerk you contact depending on which court entered the record and the type of record you need.All of the courts in Oklahoma probably fall into one of the categories below: Federal Courts in Oklahoma.There are ninety-four (94) federal district courts in the United States and three of them are in Oklahoma.No other state has three (3) federal district courts.Federal courts handle all bankruptcy cases, Federally prosecuted criminal cases, and some civil cases.Federal court records are available online through the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER), at a cost of eight cents a page, but only to those properly registered.


court dockets oklahoma

For additional information on PACER, click here.

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