cummins diesel engines

Cummins 5.9 liter and 6.7 liter inline six-cylinder diesel engines Cummins 5.

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9 liter and 6.7 liter inline six-cylinder diesel engines Section on 1989 adoption of Cummins engines in Dodge Rams © 2008 Curtis Redgap; special to Allpar.

Thanks to Harvey Barlow for updates/corrections.Updated 4/8/2012.At Cummins Engines, a 1989 contract for supplying diesel power to the Dodge Truck Division for its line of Ram pickups resulted, eventually, in a great deal of additional business.

General Motors had diesel engines for its pickups since 1978, and Ford since 1983; Dodge was a latecomer, but would end up with the best powerplants of the three.The Cummins “B” engine, turbocharged like all Cummins applications, was designed for combines, tractors, road graders, loaders, cranes, marine applications, and crawlers.It went into production in late 1984.The Cummins “B” engine displaced 5.9 litres, or 359 cubic inches.It had a 4.02 inch bore and a long 4.72 inch stroke for gobs of stump-pulling torque, where you need it.The “12 valve” as it was nicknamed had 17:1 compression.It was an all iron block with a steel crankshaft, assembled camshaft, and an aluminum intake manifold.Durability features included forged I-beam connecting rods to bring the average first-overhaul time to nearly 300,000 miles.The Dodge-destined B engines were originally built at the Consolidated Diesel Company outside of Rocky Mount, North Carolina.The plant, originally a joint venture of Cummins and J.I.Case, now belongs entirely to Cummins, and is called the Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant.It has 1,900 employees, and exports engines to China (thanks, Walt Mercer).The plant was spotlighted by Fast Company some years ago.The B was built just like any other Cummins, with 18 wheelers in mind.There were no shortcuts taken by Cummins, nor any modifications to make it work.The engine was thoroughbred Cummins, period.Dodge had to make the truck work around the engine!(There was already a Mitsubishi diesel powering Dodge D-series trucks, but that engine was physically smaller and produced less torque.) For Dodge, in 1989, it was an outstanding decision to choose Cummins.First, it was an inline six, not a V-8, reducing maintenance costs.It had about 40% fewer working parts, leading to less expensive and quicker repairs.The engine had been well tested over 5 years before Dodge put a pickup around it, in tougher applications, and its record was outstanding.


cummins diesel engines

The long stroke of the 6 made serious amounts of torque, far more than the V-8 rivals from GM or Ford, at 246 ft lbs for GM and 345 for Ford, with the Cummins at 400 ft.

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