erin esurance nude cartoons

Erin Esurance is a television cartoon character who encourages viewers to purchase their insurance coverage from the company Esurance, Inc.

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Erin co-hosted the second season of Who Wants To Be A Superhero?even though she's a fictional cartoon advertising mascot who isn't a superhero herself.

Erin became a recurring joke on Fun With Search Engines after queries for Erin Esurance hentai kept showing up in the site logs of keywords that brought people to SydLexia.

com.The first occurrence of Erin was on November 29, 2006.The joke has since spread to the Forums where she is occasionally referenced by members.Also, when "Sydapedia" is typed into Google, this article is the second result, after the main page itself.11/29/2006: erin esurance sex - In case you’re unaware, Erin Esurance is a character from a series of commercials for Esurance, an online auto insurance company.This means the internet has hit two new all-time lows.First, people are searching for nude pics of a cartoon character from a CAR INSURANCE commercial.Secondly, there are actually some out there.08/01/2007: erin esurance hentai - Fuck this, I’m outta here.09/16/2007: naked erin esurance altered beast - This search was probably planted by one of my forum members, but I couldn’t resist including it anyway.Despite my longstanding anti-hentai stance, I would definitely play a game where you’re commanded to RISE FROM THE GRAVE AND FUCK ERIN ESURANCE.09/16/2007: esurance girl gets fucked - In Soviet Russia, Esurance fucks YOU!Seriously, you ever seen their rates?12/20/2007: erin esurance sex - Die, motherfucker.12/29/2007: erin esurance porn - I’ve decided to open with Erin Esurance this week.You know she’s coming, so I figure I might as well get her out of the way first.On a side note, I’m currently the #1 Google result for Erin Esurance porn.01/12/2008: erin esurance fucking - The only “fucking” you’re going to see on this site is when I rip your fucking head off!No more goddam Erin Esurance!02/28/2008: erin esurance hentai sex - The streak continues!06/12/2008: erin esurance getting fucked - In Soviet Russia, Esurance fucks YOU!No wait, that’s what happens in America.06/20/2008: erin esurance naked - In the words of Darth Vader, “NOOOOOOOOOO!” 08/02/2008: i want to fuck erin esurance so bad – Get a fucking life.08/02/2008: erin esurance nude – Yes, I really do get enough Erin Esurance searches that I need to bring her up twice in the same FWSE.


erin esurance nude cartoons

08/27/2008: erin esurance nude – Big surprise.

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