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Treatments for Hair Loss During Menopause | 34-menopause-symptoms.

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com One of the most common yet least talked about symptoms of menopause; hair loss can be devastating for the millions of women who suffer from it.

Americans spend 1 billion dollars per year on hair loss treatments.Unfortunately, according to the American Hair Loss Society, 99% of these treatments are ineffective.

For women in particular, most do not want to sit back and let their hair fall out slowly without taking action, as hair is associated with femininity and youth.Luckily there are alternative solutions that can be safe and effective for the multitudes of women experiencing hair loss.As hair loss for menopausal women is a direct result of fluctuating hormone levels, namely estrogen and testosterone, to reverse the symptom it is best to address the problem at the hormonal source.Though it used to be in vogue to prescribe hormone replacement therapy to treat this fundamental imbalance, persistent links to breast and ovarian cancer, along with heart disease and blood clots, have caused most healthcare professionals to rethink this drastic option.Many agree that the most effective approach is to combine a few changes in lifestyle with alternative treatment options.Three levels of approaches can be considered for treating menopause symptoms.These are categorized as: (1) Lifestyle Changes, (2) Alternative Medicine and (3) Drugs and Surgery.It is recommended to begin with the least risky option, lifestyle changes, before progressing up to the next stage of treatment.Drugs and surgery should be used only in extreme cases.This primary level of treatment involves the least amount of risk, though conversely it requires the highest amount of self discipline.Many times some simple changes in lifestyle can reap huge benefits in fighting hair loss, and achieving a higher overall level of health.Of particular importance in the battle against hair loss is a balanced diet.Deficiencies in B or C vitamins, not enough iron or protein, or an extreme diet of any kind can cause hair to fall out.Cutting out caffeine and alcohol, exercising regularly, and practicing stress reduction techniques such as yoga or meditation can also help promote regenerative hair growth.Taking care to not pull or twist hair in destructive ways and avoiding other physical traumas such as harsh processing techniques or an excess of heat in styling will also help to protect hair.


hair loss menapause

Making these lifestyle changes is easier said than done, especially if one is accustomed to a certain routine.

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