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The unexamined life is not worth living.

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Keeping up with the lovely and talented Jeana Keough (nee Tomasino), Miss November 1980, is purely exhausting.

I will try to give you the highlights and just link to more in-depth explanations, because, holy heck, this woman has been one busy bee in the past few decades.

Okay, first things first.She was married to Matt Keough, former All-Star pitcher for the Oakland A’s and, until four years ago, Billy Beane’s righthand man (read Moneyball.).After he was involved in a near-fatal drunk-driving hit-and-run accident in 2005, wherein he struck a pedestrian and fled the scene in a drunken daze, Keough was incarcerated for three months down in the sunny OC.He and Ms.Tomasino parted ways not too long after that; in fact, according to this article (which calls her “Jenna” and quotes him as saying they are “fine”), it was a big “family fight” that lead him to leave the house after heavy drinking to begin with.I actually didn’t know that about Keough, or forgot if I did hear about it.What I always think about with him is how he almost got killed in Arizona during Spring Training in the early 90′s.He got hit in the head by a ball.He survived, but it was really lucky.And thinking of that, despite that he was the pitcher and the batter almost struck him, always makes me think of the time in the early years of ball, when a spitball thrown by Carl Mays hit Earl (edit 7/17: Ray, not Earl) Chapman in the head and killed him outright, making him the only player in the history of ball to get killed by a pitch, and how the spitball is now outlawed because of that and some other stuff … Keough’s situation was totally different, though — in fact, I actually am embarassed and wish I hadn’t run off on that tangent, but I got a shitload of pictures so at least there’s that.Okay, so what has she done for us lately?Ms.Tomasino has continued to act — oh did I forget to mention she was in Mel Brooks’ History of the fucking World: Part I?because she WAS!amazing!She played the Vestal Virgin.Pretty rad, huh?!— but she is now playing a role more suited to her than that of a virgin: herself.


jeana keough playboy spread

She was until last summer one of the women featured on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County.

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