learn how to draw graffiti letters

Learn how to draw the word love in 3D graffiti, in nine steps!

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  Use this free online 3D-drawing tutorial, and your artistic talent will be rising in minutes.

  The tutorial, composed of quick and concise lesson steps, demonstrates sketching, drawing and coloring.

  Each individual stage can advance only whenever you click play, so you won't lose track of it!  Did you know that the Brooklyn Museum has an extensive collection of graffiti as contemporary art?Do you want to create your own drawing tutorials?You can create your own tutorials and teach others how to draw or just draw online and save it to your gallery.(free signup needed) Home | Cartoon | People | Animals | Fantasy | Nature | 3D | Manga Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Sitemap | Contact Us Copyright © 2007 DrawingNow.com.All rights reserved.Drawing your graffiti tag quickly certainly can be the a valuable skill if you are trying to write your it on the side of a building when you’re not supposed to, or perhaps on the side of a rail car that might roll out any minute.This is not something I advise..which brings us to a a very important issue. Where you draw your graffiti letters matters.Drawing graffiti letters on buildings and others property without permission is illegal and is called vandalism.A police record is not something a reputable artist wants to have, so stick to paper, canvas and surfaces you have permission to draw on otherwise you may have only the inside of prison walls to paint on.Today’s successful graffiti artist use their black books, which is generally a covered pad of art paper, to work out their designs and then execute larger works on canvas or on spaces which they have permission to decorate.Artist often decorate the outside of their black books with cut outs from magazines, photographs and drawings to personalize them.There are some basic styles of graffiti letters including the bubble-like dub style lettering, 2D and wild style letters, and 3D letters.Dub Style: This style looks like overlapping bubble letters and is usually made up of only two colors.A base color and the the outline color.2D Letter Style: Covers a wide range of graffit lettering.The letters are generally not rounded like to the dub style but rather curve and flow, cutting hard angles in places, they can have bridging connections between letters and they  often overlap in places as well.


learn how to draw graffiti letters

2D letters can be colored with shades, they often have an stylized 3D edge with strong lines for shading and 2D letters are generally set off their backgrounds with a strong outline.

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