metal site myspace com

NEW SITE: (METAL & PUNK) w Myspace NEW SITE: MySpace.

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com/CBsNightclub (METAL & PUNK) Brak nowych aktualizacji w tej kategorii.Hola!This is a copy and paste but with a lot of love!

You can now find us on twitter and facebook! www. And Download the new Album for free by simply clicking here: ..Hey there how's your day going?We just wanted to say our EP came out yesterday and to see if you wanted to get a copy :) If you did here are the links!! Many thanks CTS p.s Dont forget we are always here for a chat!If you like the EP please let us know.Gracias por convertir nuestro temas ineditos en #3 en Reverbantion.COMPRALO EN ITUNES O AMAZON MP3 Gracias por aporyarnos con nuestros nuevos temas ineditos.COMPRALO EN ITUNES New album REVIVAL OF SPECIES out now on iTunes, Interpunk and many more download sites or from Unrepentant Records and Rock Garden Music, or email the band and buy direct from us via paypal, £7.50 UK and Europe and £8.50 rest of the world including postage and packing.New track HIGH SCHOOL MASSACRE now uploaded, give it a listen Hey!I am partnering with The Villa Group to give away some Ten Dollar Outfit songs for free!Check out the music player to download the tunes for free.While you are there, check out some of TVG's killer vacation deals at your favorite beaches in Mexico!Enjoy!IL NUOVO SINGOLO E VIDEO DI POSI POSI - "NON TI AFFEZIONARE MAI A ME" (prod.esecutiva electronolectro/vuotopuro - dir.artistica Chiara Luzzana e Giulia Bruno) La sua musica: fusione di electro, rap, psichedelia!Deejay, producer e songwriter.Il brano e' contenuto nell'album di Posi "I like Posi!", disponibile in tutti i negozi, digital shop, e sullo store ufficiale a prezzo speciale.


metal site myspace com

A Giugno e Luglio 2010 in Tour a NewYork.

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