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com Discover the expert in you.Bunsen burners are used in scientific laboratories to heat materials.

In a typical laboratory setup, a Bunsen burner is set beneath a support stand that holds a glass test tube or beaker containing the material to be heated.

The burner heats the contents through a single, concentrated flame that burns a mixture of air and gas.Typically there are gas outlets with multiple burner attachments at intervals along a laboratory bench.The barrel of a Bunsen burner is a metal tube that screws onto the base of the burner, with small holes called air intake openings in the bottom that let air into the barrel.As outlined by the Eastern Illinois University’s Equipment Guide when a Bunsen burner is operational, natural gas draws air into the barrel as it passes the air intake openings--the mixture of air and gas is ignited at the top end of the barrel.The collar of a Bunsen burner is located around the air holes on the bottom of the barrel.The collar’s function is to increase or decrease the amount of air going into the barrel; this is done through a screw mechanism.The typical action is three full counterclockwise turns for the maximum air intake and clockwise turns to close, or lower, the air intake.The gas flow valve of a Bunsen burner is attached to the base, directly underneath where the barrel screws on.The gas flow valve is responsible for letting gas into the barrel and can be adjusted in a similar manner to the collar--three counterclockwise turns for full gas, and clockwise turns for lesser gas or to turn the burner off completely.The gas intake tube is attached to the base and extends to the gas flow valve.The intake tube is corrugated and tapers at the end.This is so that an air-tight fit can be achieved with the gas pipe that is attached to the gas intake tube, making sure that there is no leakage of gas.Typically, the base of a Bunsen burner is hexagonal (has six sides) and is usually 1 inch or less wide.A base has upward-slanting metal fixings on two sides that connect just above the gas flow valve and just below the gas intake tube.The base is designed to be heavy and sturdy to minimize incidents of Bunsen burners tipping over.


part bunsen burner

A Bunsen burner is a piece of equipment used to heat chemicals or burn different materials in a laboratory.

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