sears outlet appliance store pa rating

27 51st St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 412-622-1800 www.

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I would give less but 1 is the lowest rating - i ordered online from this outlet - I ordered a mattress that had a 20 year warranty - demo - new - they sent me a mattress that had a 5 year warranty and had been Used - I told the delivery folks it was the wrong mattress immediately - but they left it anyway.

the paperwork said White Linen - the mattress said Treasures - not the same - and all orders are supposed to be double checked ?so there is twice as many illiterates working here than most places then.Do yourself a favor avoid this location - I now have to wait for a replacement from a different sears and wait for the shipping company to come back and pick up this item I am very disappointed.Do you want to go to a store and have the sales representative pay full attention to you and know everything about what you're buying and be able to guide you to the best buy for your budget?Then don't go here.But, if you're looking for someone who will direct you to find the information yourself(they have computers available in the store for research one what you're buying).A sales staff which doesn't really seem to care if you buy the 200 one or the 1000 one and will give their honest opinions?Are you willing to do the extra leg work that comes with it?Then I'd say sears outlets are perfect.I just purchased a washer and dryer.I had a budget.I did my research online before going.I took someone knowledgeable with me to ask the questions I did not know to ask.(and the muscles to load and unload my purchase.Saved the delivery charge) The purchase was zero pressure.The sales associates did not stalk me, but were there when needed.I saved $600 over retail.Happy!I bought a gas stove at this Outlet.Many items say "scratched" as the reason the item was returned, but no scratches are visible, so I think something else is wrong with them.My stove whistled every time I preheated the oven.I called, scheduled service, they ordered a part which was shipped to my home before the service call.The serviceman said it was a design flaw and he had fixed many of them -- an easy fix.So, even though there was a problem with the stove, Sears fixed it and it is fine.We figure we would have paid about $200 more for this stove at a retail store.The inconvenience of a service call was worth the savings, for us.


sears outlet appliance store pa rating

Sears Appliance Outlet 2.6666666666666667 out of 5 3 3 I purchased a king mattress and split box spring.

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