tooth abscess home remedy

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Our bodies go through a mineralization process throughout the day, but mostly when we are inactive (sleep).In order to assist the mouth with protecting our teeth, we have to give it no obstacles.Regular tooth paste is made with glycerin that coats our teeth and prevents the mineralization process.The only reason that all people who use toothpaste are not looking all their teeth fall out from rot is because toothpaste is loaded with a host of different chemicals that force the process of mineralization, like fluoride.If one wishes to avoid fluoride, the best solution is to use a glycerin-free toothpaste or to make a toothpaste.Make sure your body can adsorb calcium, which means keeping the digestive tract clean and healthy.Abscesses are infections.The best way to deal with an infection to antibiotics.If you are like me and a little untrusting of commercial antibiotics, you can look to nature as there are many plant sources that have antibiotic, antibacterial, and antifungal qualities.Namely: garlic, oregano, yarrow.Eat them raw!Cooking changes the chemical composition of all things.Most important is to stop eating processed and convenient foods during the repairing process.These foods damage not only teeth, but the digestive tract.As the immune system stems from the digestive tract, damaging it means being sicker and less capable of absorption of necessary vitamins and minerals.I hope this helps.I have frequent abscesses and infections due to a compromised immune system and have been very successful at keeping my teeth in working order.Ok, i have been in bloody pain all day and i tried bread, im in worse pain, ive taked 2 advil extra strenth and its not working, i dont have any garlic, ive brushed my teeth a million tims.i just tried salt water and swished it for about 5 minutes and i can feel some reliefe, unless thats the advil kicking in lol..but i have read some of these things on here and the person who said battery acid from you car, you are on crack.


tooth abscess home remedy

i have amoxicillin and im not sure if expires, i took one till i can see the doctor tomorrow, my dentist cost $80 for two minutes, so the clinic if free.

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