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Guide the dot through the scary maze to the red square without hitting the walls.

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  It starts to get interesting around the fourth level.  Clearing the maze on level 2 shouldn't be too hard but level 3 is another story.

  To play through this third maze level requires real skill to get past - you might not do it on your first attempt.

Not to give too much away, this game is also called The Exorcist Maze Game and Scary Maze Game.  This scary game is a funny prank to play on your friends (as long as they can manage their way through all the mazes).  It still ranks as one of the best scary games online.Millions of people have played this free version of the scary maze game online and it remains an internet screamer favorite.This is an impressive game of skill and patience.Do not contact the surrounds or you will have to begin the game all through.Sound effects will aid find your way to the end.Attempt and complete all 4 levels.Lets try your mouse control skill, move the pointer along the route and try to don't meet the wall, the immediate levels are more hard than earlier, the path are more complicated and become leaner.Enjoy this scary pranks.Scary Maze Instructions: Use your mouse to sail the blue point through the maze.If you touch the wall, your game is finished.There are two hints that will serve you complete this maze.One, turn your volume up so that you'll recognize when you're getting too close to the walls of the maze.If you touch a wall, your game will end.The sound helps keep you a healthy distance from the wall.Two, when you go through a marginal passage, lean a little bit closer to your monitor in order to see the edge of the walls.Enjoy this scary maze game.© Scary Maze Games All Rights Reserved except all games, trademarks and images rights reserved to their respective owners.You can use the Scary Maze Game to play a prank on your friends and this Website has lots more shocking Pop Ups to trick people.You can also have a look at Scary Maze Prank Videos.See the trick being played on other unsuspecting victims.Videos Cool animated short with a shock ending.Britney Spears Maze The first scary popup ever.Steady Jap Hand Man out walking in countryside gets attacked by a coyote.The demonic face at the end of the scary maze is a picture from the movie The Exorcist starring Linda Blair.


www scary maze games com

Here’s what she looks like in real life: Scary Exorcist Face of Linda Blair.

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